• Our Core Components/Nuestros componentes fundamentales

    The 3 Calliope Pillars/Los tres pilares de Calliope Academy

    Wraparound Supports/Apoyo integral

    Meeting Student Needs In and Out of School

    Upon enrollment, students will be provided with a Wayfinder who will be their critical link towards meeting students' in school and out of school needs. Working with our community partners, students and their families will be able to have links to healthcare, dental, vision, mental health, food pantry etc.


    Also, Wayfinders support students as a coach and mentor conducting restorative circles, providing conflict resolution supports, supporting problem-solving in the context of school, and helping to build agency, purpose, and resilience.

    World Class Personalized Education

    Where EVERY Child Is Successful

    We at Calliope Academy believe that each student deserves to experience academic success. At the start of the school year, a complete needs and strengths analysis is conducted with each child. A Personal Learning Passport is created. We have an individualized approach to learning using the latest, most effective technology and methods. Expert teachers work with small groups and individual children, and accelerate or remediate based on each student’s needs.

    Globally Focused Project-Based/Experiential Learning

    Building The Future Together

    As a part of our project-based learning model, students work on yearly capstone projects that finds them researching a community problem of personal interest related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and developing a novel solution to that problem in our Agents of Change Lab (prototyping, STEAM, robotics, coding, 3D printing, modeling, etc).


    Further, children will work on Global Problem Solving projects with children and experts from around the world. Children leave Calliope Academy as successful students, and social entrepreneurs that make a positive difference in their world.